Guild Lectures and Workshops

Looking for lectures for your shop, Small Group, or Guild! 

If you are interested in having me come to Lecture or Teach at your event, please contact Tina at

Lectures/Trunks Shows

One Hour Lectures/Trunk Shows: $150 plus travel (.56/mile current IRS rate) and meals & accommodations if traveling over 3 hours. (2017-2018)

“Journey to Inspiration” Lecture/Trunk Show

Inspiration comes in many forms; sometimes it just hits you, other times it is a process something like a journey. Tina’s story is the latter, a journey from Wife and Mother to a full-time pattern designer. As we take this trip, become inspired by the adventures of your life as Tina shares hers through the collection of quilts from her past to the present. 
“Designing my quilt pattern is simple, Right?” Lecture/Trunk Show

From quilting hobbyist to full-time pattern designer, Tina will walk you through what it takes to develop your original quilt patterns.  She will give you clues to what computer programs work the best. Then through her quilts, she will even show you what types of patterns seem to be the most popular. Also, Tina can provide insight on how to start getting known in the industry. So if you are interested in becoming a designer yourself or are just curious what goes into the designing of patterns, this one-hour presentation will give you a view of this world.

EQ7 Classes and Workshops

Fees depend on the type of class see class descriptions below.

What EQ Can Do For You- an Electric Quilt 7 Presentation 

Curious about Electric Quilt software? See how this powerful quilt design program can put your computer to work for you. Speed up the design process and save more time for sewing. Are you a visual person? Learn how fast you can audition blocks, fabrics, colors, and borders in your quilt. This PowerPoint presentation will explore many of the features this program has to offer.  A virtual trunk show of actual quilts initially designed using EQ7 will be included. 

EQ7 Beginner Boot Camp 

This 4-hour hands-on class will turn you into a confident beginner. Learn to use the libraries, sketchbook, basic block drawing and coloring tools, create layouts, add borders, and more.

More Classes and Lectures are coming soon!


Lecture/Trunk Shows

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